Why does your donation page ask me for my birthdate?

The whole point of Give! is that everyone can be a philanthropist — no matter how old you are or how much you have to give. Research shows that younger adults give less often than their elders, but once they start, they continue to give back throughout their lives. That’s why our donation minimum is only $10, and it’s why we offer special prizes to our participating nonprofits that make efforts to include kids and adults age 36 and younger.

What are “friendly competitions”?

Nothing motivates people like a little good-natured rivalry! We jumpstart the campaign and make things fun for our participants with valuable incentives for those that go the extra mile. Visit indygive.com to find out how you can help your favorite nonprofits win cash, consulting or extra media exposure, not to mention the envious admiration of their peers.

What’s your cut?

Zip. Zilch. Zero. All administrative costs (including credit card fees) are covered by the Indy, PPCF and our generous category sponsors, so every penny of your donation goes where you want it to — to your favorite Give! nonprofits.

What’s with the swag? Shouldn’t giving be its own reward?

Give! rewards are how local businesses give back! Imagine you’re a business owner. You want to support the animal shelter down the street, but you can’t give them money and they don’t need your merchandise. (Surprisingly, rescue dogs aren’t big beer drinkers — unless they’re Laughing Labs.) But you’d like to thank the people who can toss a little cash their way, so you call up Give! … and the rest is fun for everyone! Check out the incentives at indygive.com. Each time you double your gift, you get three more items or experiences donated by local businesses to thank you for being a community philanthropist. Make sure to return the favor and tip well!

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. All Give! nonprofits are 501(c)(3) organizations. As long as you provide us with a valid email address, you’ll receive a tax receipt courtesy of our fiscal sponsor, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

Can I donate in someone else’s name?

Yes. We’ll ask you that when you’re checking out. They’ll receive the rewards, but you’ll get the tax receipt.

Where do I find my reward coupons and tax receipt?

Immediately after you donate, you will receive an email (at the address you provided on the checkout page). That email is your tax receipt AND has a link to download your rewards. (The link to the rewards is in the body of the letter.) If you are missing that email, please check your spam, trash and archive folders. If it’s still not there, we can help troubleshoot at

My question isn’t answered here. Is there a human I can talk to?

No ’bots here. Please call 719/577-4545 or email your question to Mary Lou and Claire at give@csindy.com. We LOVE talking to our donors, and who knows, your Q might end up an A right here!